Why You Should Stop Using Kodi Today!

With major user interface problems, unreliable streaming, and unsecured connectivity, Kodi is a poor selection for streaming. If you’re someone who uses Kodi, we strongly encourage you to stop as soon as possible.
At this point, you may be wondering who we are. Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are AVS, an experienced team of software developers that specialize in IPTV, VPNs, and Android. With years of hands-on industry experience, you can trust in the information we provide to be unbiased and accurate.
By now, you may have already decided to uninstall Kodi. If so, excellent decision. If not, we highly encourage you to read on.

What Exactly Is Kodi?

Perhaps you’re someone who has been browsing through media software looking for the perfect streaming solution. If so, you may have seen the name Kodi, but aren’t yet familiar with what Kodi actually is? Is it a storage outlet? Does it provide plug-ins? Can it support multiple platforms? Let’s explore.

n essence, Kodi is a software program that allows users to access multiple media platforms to stream content. An important point to note is that Kodi does not offer original content. Now that you have an understanding of what Kodi does, let’s explore why you shouldn’t use it (or should stop).

Major Security Risks

We’re starting with the most pressing issue: the programs that exist within Kodi are open-source, and can easily harbor information-stealing elements that put users at risk.
Although Kodi itself isn’t a security risk, the only way to use Kodi is by downloading internal services and tools. In doing so, there is inherent risk. Worse yet, if users decide not to use a VPN during streaming, Kodi can essentially become a gateway to the entirety of your secure information, including personally identifiable information, payment details, and password combinations.
This single reason alone should be enough to encourage users to switch. If not, read on. There’s more.

User Interface Issues

One of the most common complaints that Kodi users report lays within its inept user interface. While other more reliable streaming software systems incorporate intuitive design, Kodi features a complex array of buttons, icons, and unnecessary add-ons that make the user experience unreliable and cumbersome.
Worse yet, menu set-up can take noticeably more time than other systems. Even after set-up is complete the Kodi landscape is ever changing, requiring weekly and daliy system touch ups. Ask yourself, do I want a hobby or do I just want to watch something?

Lagging and Poor Connectivity

As the final nail in the coffin, Kodi fails at adequately providing its core service: smooth streaming. Lagging, connectivity issues, and disconnection altogether are commonplace within Kodi. Worse yet, Kodi’s customer support team is nonexistent, leaving users to figure it out by themselves. By now, we hope you’ve realized the significant shortcomings that are associated with Kodi.

Closing Remarks

If you’re someone who is interested in white label software for IPTV, consider partnering with AVS. Our team puts years of experience in your corner. In the process, we avoid the common issues that are associated with sub-par brands like Kodi.

Additionally, we’ve recently created Snapp, a revolutionary software streaming solution that provides unparalleled consistency and dependability.
Thank you for reading.

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