Snapp WHMCS plugin

We just added a new feature, it's not really easy to explain but in a nutshell IPTV providers can now automate IPTV sales and Snapp access for their customers.
If you use WHMCS or any other email sending service to email a user their username and password for IPTV access after they've purchased from you need to consider this new feature for Snapp XC.

The new WHMCS plugin for Snapp

How to turn on IPTV pruchase & Snapp access automation.

It doesn't have to strictly be WHMCS

Any email sending service will work. It doesn't need to be WHMCS.

Using this method automates your new users access in to Snapp the moment that they make a purchase from you and your confirmation email is sent to them.

As long as you stick to the rules in the Snapp CMS panel your user can be instantly ready to access Snapp without any kind of further verification.

Thanks to everyone again who supported us in October

Every Pro membership and every XC memebership has helped continue the development of Snapp. The application now has a crash free rate of +95%, that's thanks to the support from our members.

Again if you use facebook please join usin our Snapp group and tell your friends about us. Join Snapp IPTV Player Group on Facebook.

Apple TV and iOS versions of Snapp coming up next!

Thanks for reading and for using Snapp

If you have any issue please use the Facebook group or the Snapp ticketing system on the website.

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