What's The Best App for IPTV? Snapp, of course!

Available directly within the Google Play store as the #1 trending IPTV and Plex media player, Snapp by AVS is the undisputed champion for IPTV.
For anyone that’s looking for an intelligent app that predicts exactly what you want to watch with unparalleled accuracy, Snapp could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Better yet: it’s free.

Multiple Download Locations

Available via the Google Play Store, Aptoide, and direct download, Snapp offers a wide range of download locations. Additionally, Snapp is expanding with an upcoming Amazon Appstore launch. As a result, users across a wide range of platforms have the opportunity to take streaming to the next level.

An Intuitive User Interface

At the heart of any IPTV streaming software is the user interface. Anytime you’re not watching actual content, you’ll find yourself in this centralized location. The user interface may seem like no big deal. When you consider its implications, however, the true importance of an exceptional user interface is revealed.

Your IPTV streaming platform rests within the most important rooms and gathering places in your entire home. For this reason, it behooves viewers to bring in a beautifully designed interface. Furthermore, a great UI offers ease-of-use that makes the entire viewing experience more enjoyable.

VPN Protection

Security is critical when it comes to streaming. If you aren’t using a safe and secure platform, you could be putting personal information, credit card details, and password combinations at risk. That’s why Snapp features multi-server VPN access that protects users from even the most savvy hackers and malware.
Snapp takes security seriously, providing users with end-to-end protection for everything from data entry to payment processing.

Free For Use

You’ve heard us correctly, Snapp is free. At the same time, we recognize that the word free carries with it suspicious connotations. At AVS, transparency is key. Upfront, we’d like users to know that Snapp is monetized through membership levels that offer in-app functionality. In doing so, our team is able to offer an incredible user experience on the free version while supporting our operations enough to provide consistent updates. As a testament to this, be sure to check out our updates posted regularly on our website.

Closing Remarks

Are you looking for a better way to stream IPTV. Whether you’ve had a negative experience in the past with insecure connections, costly services, or unreliable streaming, Snapp offers a better way forward. With countless testimonials from satisfied users, Snapp boasts the highest referral rate within the entire IPTV streaming industry. To put this in perspective, that’s a £30B+ industry! Our team has years of experience, which is how we’ve been able to create such an innovative platform.

If you’re looking to take streaming to the next level, start with Snapp. By downloading this free solution today, you’ll realize why we’re worth the hype.
If you decide to download Snapp and love what you find, be sure to share this post on social media! Thank you for reading.

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