5 Reasons Why Android Reigns Supreme Over iOS

After years of debate, the long-standing competition between Android and iOS has finally been resolved. The result? Android is the clear victor.
With unparalleled versatility and flexibility, Android presents distinct advantages that iOS simply cannot compete with. Apple-lovers beware. By reading on, you may find yourself searching online for a different device (hint: it won’t be the new iPhone).

1. Adaptability & Customization

Unlike iOS, Android offers users the ability to create a unique user-experience based on their needs. With countless widgets, design options, and features, no two Android-based devices are exactly alike. This is a stark difference from the one-size-fits-all approach that is taken by iOS.

Although the concept behind Apple revolves around simplicity, completing routine tasks can actually become more complex as a result. For example, users who could benefit from basic interface modifications oftentimes need to go through hoops to achieve their desired outcome. Worse yet, changes may be unachievable altogether with iOS.

2. File Accessibility

iOS based-devices make file accessibility unnecessarily difficult. As a result, progress can be curtailed. Android seamlessly integrates with folder-oriented devices to accelerate file sharing, drag & drop, and file management solutions. In the process, entrepreneurs, students, and business-leaders alike are in a better position to operate more efficiently while completing day-to-day tasks.

3. Open vs. Closed Source

It’s no secret that Android is open source (as a system). For Android users, this means that collective brainpower can contribute to a better end-product for programming. iOS, on the other hand, is a closed source system. With it comes major limitations and restrictions that simply aren’t present with Android.

4. IPTV Capabilities

Ask any Android IPTV user and they’ll report a better viewing experience than anywhere else. There’s no such luck with iOS, however. Apple is significantly behind in the race to produce better IPTV players. With a streamlined interface and intelligent organization, Android-based IPTV players like Snapp have a significant advantage over iOS.

5. Precision Control

Whether you’re developing an app, seeking a robust software solution, or enjoying the user-experience, Android provides a versatile suite of benefits. Specifically, Android offers greater levels of control for programming when compared to iOS. In turn, apps don’t face unnecessary restrictions that prevent optimal performance and functionality.

Closing Remarks

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