Snapp News Sepetember 2020

What have we been doing? We launched AVS v6, this is a Snapp like platform for IPTV service providers, Hotel-TV etc. to have a closed IPTV system like Snapp but branded their way. Snapp has had some improvments made to it and our next release is days away. Read on for all the information.

Image loading speed and stability

The live TV images have been reduced in overall size by 60%. This reduction speeds up the loading time of Snapp dramatically and also prevents crashing in lower RAM powered devices.

This work is already done and live in the application.

Fixed the sub-menu content population data

This still needs some minor adjustments. Favourites now store across all devices and between Snapp sessions.

Recent live TV channels now store across all devices and between Snapp sessions. In the order you last viewed them.

VOD content recommendations and genre recommendations now populate. Recent viewed also available.

This still needs some work in the ordering and revolution of the content we see in the home screen.

Snapp v2.4 release

With all the above being instant backend fixes we have also been doing some "stuff" with the application.

UI and navigation fixes. The tile size has increased in line with Android TV and the navigation from Top Menu in to Row 1 by pressing right on the last tile has been fixed (TV devices only)

Added progress bar to part watched VOD content. Content in the sub-menu Recent will now include a Watched Progress Bar.

EPG no information segments broken in to 30 minute segments to aid navigation.

Playback starts on hover. Hover on a live channel from the home screen and playback will start in the tile. Click again to launch that channel.

What's coming up...

iOS and Apple TV versions of Snapp. Work has started on these versions and we expect them to be complete in 6 weeks time.

Better EPG pairing, we will be making this more accurate and will be creating a best parctive guide for IPTV providers. If they use Snapp they don't have to pay for EPG services with are more than what we charge

Catch-up TV. Before the year is out Pro members and Snapp XC clients will have access to a Catch-up TV section if their playlist provides it in a simple, easy to consume display.

All of this has been made possible by our Pro Members and Snapp XC Client on the platform. We really appreciate your support, it has been amazing and makes us see that this is all worthwhile

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