Snapp v2.4 Release

Snapp version 2.4 has been released. As always, Play Store version updates will be pushed through over the next 24 hours. Our direct download version will update on your next launch.
If you have sideloaded a Play Store version of Snapp on to your device you should install the Snapp IPTV Player Direct Download version by following this guide

Release Notes

Changes from v2.3 to v2.4.

All made possible by our Snapp Pro members

Thank you to everyone that donated to the project by purchasing Snapp Pro this month.

Every single penny of every single donation goes back in to Snapp, either towards the cost of running the servers or on further developments like the ones above.

This is why we have the Pro membership, it quite simply keeps us going. These things need funding and we'd much prefer to be community led by you than by corporate sponsorship.

You support us, we give you regular updates and the Pro tools, which includes access to our VPN servers.

You can help us in other ways too

Times are tough and money is tight, I get it. If you want to help us we need all kind of help!

We need help building up our facebook page. If you use 'The Book' join our Snapp group and tell your friends about us. Join Snapp IPTV Player Group on Facebook.

Talk to your IPTV provider to join us on Snapp, if they join us on Snapp you get the full Snapp Pro layout for Free.

Leave us a positive review on the Play Store. If you know, you know. The reviews game is a nightmare and I know we all feel dirty leaving a "half hearted" 5 star review but they just help with exposure massively.

Tell people about Snapp in forums and other social groups that you are in. Anything that grows the user base we need help with.

Thanks for reading and for using Snapp

We will have v2.5 and the iOS and Apple TV news later next month.

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